2003 Floods in St Ives

River Great Ouse once again reaches close to 1947 levels.

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To see more flood pictures have a look at the 1998 flood story.

View of town, quay and mill from bypass bridge. After heavy rains in early January (about 56mm over the New Year weekend) the river Great Ouse broke its banks and the water levels rose to about the same level as experienced in the 1998 floods less than 5 years earlier.
Quay viewed from the old bridge View of the quay taken from the old stone bridge showing how the water level had risen to only a few inches below the road level, and in fact was starting to lap into Wellington street.
Quay viewed from across the river Another view of the quay, this time from across the river showing just how high the water level was.
The Dolphin Hotel View of the Dolphin hotel with its flooded car park on the left and Hemingford meadow (also flooded) behind. Note the new extension (that did not exist at the time of the 1998 floods) built on stilts.
View of the new mill apartments Here is a picture of the new mill apartments, recently built on the flood plain. Note how the garden is flooded and Wilhorn meadow and the little marina attached to the apartments have become part of the greater watery landscape. The picture is taken from the Causeway.
View over the meadow towards to new bypass bridge This is a picture taken from the lower end of Priory road looking out over the meadow towards the new bypass bridge. It is looking in the opposite direction to the first picture above.
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